NAKT, au coeur de l’avant-garde

MODE, TECHNO Plongé dans l’esprit berlinois, aujourd’hui nous rencontrons NAKT, cette jeune marque allemande qui a tout à envier. Depuis 2017, les créateur.rice.s s’accordent à trouver des vêtements confortables mais « techno fashion ». Au départ, il.elle nous racontent : « Avant de lancer la marque j’étais un jeune garçon qui aimait la techno et allait au Berghain. Je cherchais le techno outfit parfait pour m’y rendre mais tout ce que je trouvais à Berlin était trop cher pour moi. J’ai alors décidé de me créer mon propre outfit avec les moyens du bord. Et puis cette fille est venue me voir et m’a dit que je devrais faire des bodies pour femme. ». Ensemble, il.elle fabriquent alors des vêtements où l’on se sent soi-même mais...

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 Techno and tattoos are now two worlds getting into one. Both are attracted by each other. It is about combining art and music, which make a world rich in diversity and possibilities. NAKT has rapidly integrated tattoos to its universe, whether it is with its community or its models.   A lot of Nakt Army’s models have tattoos, they express their art on their bodies and create a strong link between their tattoos and their passion for techno. Some of them got a NAKT tattoo symbolizing this combination between fashion, tattoos and techno. People of our community also got NAKT tattoos. Through this, they show their support to our fashion label and show their love to the techno scene. The...

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Article written by DAVID WOUTERS / 26th of June 2019.   Sitting on the couch, wasting my time scrolling through Facebook, I come across a video that one of my friends has shared ‘This, this is art.’ The cover picture and title immediately intrigue me. I put my earphones in, turn up the volume and sit back. Six minutes later I’m in awe of what I’ve just seen. The video follows Paola, a young woman living in Berlin – on a night out in the city’s techno scene. She takes you to another world, an alternate reality with at its core: freedom and expression. Red flickering lights illuminate the darkness of the portrayed concrete space and amidst the thumping bass of hard techno ravers...

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