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rack 'n white charity sale – 20th of July 2020

At our sample sale in the rack 'n white charity club we sold samples, shooting pieces and unique pieces for a reduced price from 4pm to 10pm. DJ sets from NK-Gamma, NK-Echo and and free drinks were spicing up the mood while visitors could go trough the racks or got customizations for their outfits. Especially in hard times like these, where many people struggled with the consequences of this pandemic, we felt responsible to support those in need. 15% of our income was donated for charity.

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H33 X NAKT – 8th of February 2020

Together with the Nuremberg club Haus 33 we organized and hosted our first party outside of Berlin. The Techno community always had to fight for its place in society especially in small towns. So, when we had the chance to support our fellow Bavarian ravers we took it. For that, we organized free live tattooing, a NAKT fashion sale, live performances and of course techno music until dawn.

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TECHNO NOW ART FESTIVAL – 29.-31. March 2019

Techno means a lot to us. It is more than music. It is more than party. Techno stands for diversity, art, creativity, and expression. The TECHNO NOW ART FESTIVAL was the first festival to celebrate the culture of techno in all its forms and meanings. For three days artists and creators with roots in the Techno scene gathered and presented their work. We invited you to experience what Techno is now and - together - imagine what it can be. HOSTED BY NAKT & SYMBIOTIKKA 

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