Her speciality: hard, fast, dirty Techno.
Dominique Lamee is known within her sets and productions for a very dirty,
fast, hard and intense gripping sound. The dramaturgy in their sets lives
from the variety of their selection of energy-filled acid interludes, eccentric
vocal parts, dark and rave synths. Influenced by Techno, Gabber and Hard
Dance she creates her very own style. Her sweet point starts at 150 BPM.
She herself describes her sound as impulsive and extremely pounding.
"I love fast and dirty beats.
In my sets I play different kinds of electronic music from Techno and
Gabber to Hard Dance. For me, a track simply has to have that certain
something. That is the reason why a special energy develops between me
and the crowd, which then leads to the explosion on the dance floor. Is all
about the energy.