For NIKOLINA, self-expression was always connected to music. Raving the front row, she started to become more and more interested in the other side and being behind the decks, which eventually led to her taking the opportunity to learn how to DJ herself. By being a part of the NAKT-Family from the very start, she was surrounded by many creative minds of the Berlin techno scene, which encouraged her to take the next step and play in front of a crowd.
Since then, she was able to develop her very own sound, which creates the unique atmosphere NIKOLINA stands for. She has taken the scene by storm with her energetic, driving style. In her sets, NIKOLINA mixes Hard Techno with Schranz elements to create a mesmerizing sound. Be ready to be pulled into her spell while listening. It‘s a reminiscence of past dancing nights and unforgettable club memories.


Giuseppe De Chiara started his WarinD project in September 2015, influenced by Hardgroove, Hardtechno and acid sounds. In the same time, he created his own record label "WarinD Records" to release
his first productions. WarinD Records has welcomed in his roster artists as: Nico Moreno, Trym, Oguz, Dyen, Cassie Raptor, Thomas P.Heckmann, Charlie Sparks, Lee Ann Roberts and more... He released music for label as: Exhale and R-Label. WarinD played in some of the best clubs and festival around Europe as: Verknipt, Blackworks, Cocoricò, Techglow, Basis, Tresor, Kompass Klub, Duel, and around the world in cities as: New York, Los Angeles, Medellin, Bogota, Manizales, San Diego, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Delhi, Bangalore and more... He is very appreciated for the skills and energy he employs in his DJ sets, because he needs to express his inner war though music.


Her love for music started at a very young age when she attended dance classes. Later, she went to art school to learn photography and her friends introduced her techno, but something was always missing for her: she realized she wanted to learn to play and express herself her own way.
However, music was not her priority at this point and her plans to make music were put aside for some time until 2020, when she had her first gig as Paralich. That was the life changing experience that finally put her on the path of becoming a professional DJ. Although the past years have been very difficult for artists, Paralich managed to start her own label and party series called Dead End which is one of the most popular events in the Budapest underground electronic music scene, and also build her own career as Paralich. She plays Hard Techno, but she also like to mix it with old school music from the 90’s, her sets are even trancy or have Gabber vibes. She makes a show when behind the decks, and although she likes to mix different music you surely can recognize the unique Paralich style.


Dstm, an innovative and boundary-pushing Techno Music DJ and Producer, is on a mission to redefine the electronic music landscape. With a unique blend of genres, Dstm takes listeners on a journey with pounding beats,
mesmerising sounds and ethereal melodies. Their proposal encompasses a vision to create an immersive experience that transports you to new horizons - expect the unexpected. With a passion for experimentation and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound, Dstm promises to bring you a captivating fusion of powerful and energising elements that will leave you in awe and definitely wanting more.


«A societal revolt, a musical punch» Artist from the techno queer punk scene, Angel Karel has built her reputation with high-technical dynamic sets with loud aggressive, saturated and emotional techno music. Her dark industrial universe is regularly bringing dancers into a post-apocalyptic hypnotic distorted trance. In 2020, she released her first album «Pain For Pleasure» on Instruments Of Discipline and «You Ain’t No Punk, You Punk» on RND Records. As well as playing and producing, she has also created her own collective with mindful art direction:TFIF Events. A techno queer punk collective which values tolerance and freedom of the underground universe. Together, they offer a strong anticonformist, porn and BDSM experience: [NO GENDER] - label with an very singular aesthetic. Currently she is working on a new punk concept: [SCUM] - queer feminist techno punk event, inspired by Valérie Solanas’ "S.C.U.M Manifesto". In a punk setting, union, symbiose and rebellion
will be the watchwords.
A taste of dark unlimited anarchistic fashion bodies to a mutual state of liberation.


VIVAY is young techno phenomenon from St. Petersburg. The energy of her performances explodes consciousness and makes you move in a created symbiosis. Her performing outfits emphasizes her charismatic performance and extraordinary style of music. VIVAY deftly and skillfully mixes such styles as hard techno-groove, industrial techno and Schranz. The style is balanced by a one common story, which has its driving beginning, tension, culmination and powerful conclusion. VIVAY is characterized by multilayered sound textures, blockbuster and action movie motifs, vocal parts. And the most important thing is the absolute absence of monotony.