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KALTBLUT Magazine, written by Marcel Schlutt, November 12, 2020.

We are NAKT.

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial by Berlin-based artist Sebastian Pielles. Introducing NAKT. A Berlin Techno Fashion Label that originated from the local underground techno scene. Styling by Tianyang Li. Make Up and Grooming by Melanie Hopp. Models are Agnes Hestholm, Mika Ludwig, Rachel Degen, Mathis Wagenbach, Sarah Julia Sabukoschek. Special thanks to Westudio.

The idea of NAKT initially arose as an art project in 2018 at Berghain, the world’s most notorious techno club. What once started out as a design concept, has evolved into a strong community consisting of designers, DJs, models, tattoo artist and ravers – The NAKT ARMY.

Our mission is to create and deliver reliable high-quality raving clothing in order to enhance your personal techno clubbing experience.
The NAKT signature look – defined by hard cuts, obscure minimalistic designs, slick metal chains and striking iron buckles – is heavily influenced by industrial nuances.
We emphasize and embody the thrill for adventure, the sense of unity, the excitement of love, freedom and self-expression – core ideals of the techno community. We aspire to become a vital part of your nightlife journey by empowering your personality and complementing your style. We have dedicated our project to ravers, hence, deriving our vision from the values of the techno scene. The entire design conceptualization, as well as the manufacturing, are conducted in Berlin: by ravers for ravers.

Photo: Sebastian Pielles @piellesshots
Styling: Tianyang Li @tymakelk
Make Up/Grooming: Melanie Hoppe @melanie.hoppe
Models: Agnes Hestholm @m_agnesium @megamodelagency
Mika Ludwig @nastybabydemon
Rachel Degen @ra_ce_l
Mathis Wagenbach @mathis_wagenbach
Sarah Julia Sabukoschek @missirajin

On set management / Assistance
Laura Jock @nyctophalien Esther Moser @_es.m_
Studio: Westudio @westudio.de