Techno and tattoos are now two worlds getting into one. Both are attracted by each other. It is about combining art and music, which make a world rich in diversity and possibilities.

NAKT has rapidly integrated tattoos to its universe, whether it is with its community or its models.  

A lot of Nakt Army’s models have tattoos, they express their art on their bodies and create a strong link between their tattoos and their passion for techno. Some of them got a NAKT tattoo symbolizing this combination between fashion, tattoos and techno.

People of our community also got NAKT tattoos. Through this, they show their support to our fashion label and show their love to the techno scene.

The tattoo artists 5.lane, Armando and Anna have tattooed people during our techno events, such as loft parties, allowing people to gather their passion for tattoo and techno at the same time. 

In Berlin’s nightclubs, many people have tattoos, it is part of the vibe, you can see people's history on their bodies, there is no taboo about anything that is on your body. Never forget to show your body the way you want it to.