Insights to our new swimwear collection

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The clubs are still on hold but techno fashion can be more than clubwear.

Particularly created for the summer season, we wanted to expand our selection from club- and streetwear to swimwear so the techno community can now wear raver fashion at the beach.

When we started looking for inspiration, we tried to combine techno fashion and modern swimwear. The vision we had in mind was the creation of a more minimalistic but still industrial-inspired collection.

After the first designs started taking shape the production of the protypes began. While one part of the team was responsible for picking the ideal fabric, elastics, chains and buckles for a comfortable yet well-shaping fit, another group would sew together the first suits, reworking the placement of cut-outs and adjusting ill-fitting portions.

A few trys later the first bikini was finished followed by a pair of trunks. From then on, the other pieces followed quickly. Moreover, various accessories were added to top of the aspired beach-look and thus the first NAKT swimwear collection was born.

We decided to go for different styles to make sure that everyone will be able to find an outfit whether they like NAKT for its sporty or more revealing looks.

As always, all products are handmade and produced in Berlin to ensure the best quality possible.