We have teamed up with Rebekah - the internationally renowned techno DJ - for the ’Serpent' capsule collection. We aimed to embody both the inspiring attributes of her creative vision as well as the rapidly developing influences of the local scene. The unique pieces combine Rebekah’s sharp inspirations with the distinctive NAKT nuances, creating a stylish – warehouse influenced – look.

Comprising a choker/mask, zipped top, t-shirt, and a fitted polo shirt, the collection reflects on the challenges electronic music culture has faced over the past year and presents itself as a hope for 2021.
‘A snake is a symbol of change. It sheds it’s skin, heals and transforms the old to the new’.
With this particular approach, we seek to incorporate the distinctive nuances of the past in order to create something new, hence, symbolizing the ever changing environment we are evolving in.
Finally, we are showcasing the essence of our philosophy through a special virtual rave hosted by a dynamic charge of techno provided by Rebekah herself, hence, accentuating the core of our passion: raving.