SCHERING started to play the drums from a young age. Unlike many kids, he stuck with the drums and played in various bands. Playing on samba parades, the experience of many people partying to the same music and feeling the same beat started to fascinate him. What also attracted his fascination early on were the flashing lights, colorful buttons and the vibrating floor, whenever he came near a DJ. So, he played not with cars or dolls, but pretended to be at the disco in his children's room. But soon that was no longer enough. SCHERING has a doer mentality, he taught himself how to DJ and rented a club, to fill directly with people. Since then, he has become an absolute professional, making people rave all over Germany and beyond. His passion for techno and his skills as a drummer are combined to a unique experience for the ears and eyes. His straight rhythms, that are drummed in live, got SCHERING the nickname „human drum machine“. Rolling sublines inspired by his city of choice Berlin, diverse sounds, and a liberating summer night feeling are guaranteed.