Get to know our residential Artists. The NAKT DJs are characterized by fast and strong, straightforward Technobeats. From now on they can bring the hard beat, the adrenaline and the love for rhythm to your dancefloors. Book the NAKT SOUND! 


For NIKOLINA, self-expression was always connected to music. Raving the front row, she started to become more and more interested in the other side and being behind the decks, which eventually led to her taking the opportunity to learn how to DJ herself. By being a part of the NAKT-Family from the very start, she was surrounded by many creative minds of the Berlin techno scene, which encouraged her to take the next step and play in front of a crowd. Since then, she was able to develop her very own sound, which creates the unique atmosphere NIKOLINA stands for. Her melodic, epic techno could already be experienced at the NAKT raves all summer, but her career is just taking off, and she has also gained experience in other clubs throughout Germany. In her sets, NIKOLINA mixes hard techno and mesmerizing sounds to create a story that pulls the listeners into her spell. It‘s a story of past dancing nights and unforgettable club memories.



SCHERING started to play the drums from a young age. Unlike many kids, he stuck with the drums and played in various bands. Playing on samba parades, the experience of many people partying to the same music and feeling the same beat started to fascinate him. What also attracted his fascination early on were the flashing lights, colorful buttons and the vibrating floor, whenever he came near a DJ. So, he played not with cars or dolls, but pretended to be at the disco in his children's room. But soon that was no longer enough. SCHERING has a doer mentality, he taught himself how to DJ and rented a club, to fill directly with people. Since then, he has become an absolute professional, making people rave all over Germany and beyond. His passion for techno and his skills as a drummer are combined to a unique experience for the ears and eyes. His straight rhythms, that are drummed in live, got SCHERING the nickname „human drum machine“. Rolling sublines inspired by his city of choice Berlin, diverse sounds, and a liberating summer night feeling are guaranteed.

 Sergey Maslikov 

Sergey Maslikov has been DJing in clubs in Germany for over 5 years. Born in Russia, when he was seven years old he moved to a small town near Munich. Born into a family of musicians, he came into contact with classical music at an early age. However, his musical path first led to Dipset, with whom he discovered his passion for hip hop and rap. Quite by chance, at a New Year's Eve party, Sergey Maslikov stumbled across a DJ booth, which did not let him go, even after a heavy night. He got himself some equipment, practiced diligently and was soon able to handle a lot more than just shining buttons and knobs. He played in some clubs
 in his home country, made his first experiences and was soon to be found in clubs all over Bavaria.   Sergey's sound is characterized by an unwavering passion for techno. His sets evoke feelings that make you forget the time. He doesn't need words to tell stories, he does it with driving beats, melodic and acidic sounds.
 For Sergey it is the freedom and the fact that everyone can be themselves, 
which he brings to the dance floor, to the people through his driving, dark, uplifting and trippy techno.