For NIKOLINA, self-expression was always connected to music. Raving the front row, she started to become more and more interested in the other side and being behind the decks, which eventually led to her taking the opportunity to learn how to DJ herself. By being a part of the NAKT-Family from the very start, she was surrounded by many creative minds of the Berlin techno scene, which encouraged her to take the next step and play in front of a crowd. Since then, she was able to develop her very own sound, which creates the unique atmosphere NIKOLINA stands for. Her melodic, epic techno could already be experienced at the NAKT raves all summer, but her career is just taking off, and she has also gained experience in other clubs throughout Germany. In her sets, NIKOLINA mixes hard techno and mesmerizing sounds to create a story that pulls the listeners into her spell. It‘s a story of past dancing nights and unforgettable club memories.