Paralich is a Budapest based DJ, producer and party organizer.  

Her love for music started at a very young age when she attended dance classes. Later, she went to art school to learn photography and her friends introduced her techno, but something was always missing for her: she realized she wanted to learn to play and express herself her own way. However, music was not her priority at this point and her plans to make music were put aside for some time until 2020, when she had her first gig as Paralich (‘Paralysis ‘in Russian).

That was the life changing experience that finally put her on the path of becoming a professional DJ. Although the past years have been very difficult for artists, Paralich managed to start her own label and party series called Dead End which is one of the most popular events in the Budapest underground electronic music scene, and also build her own career as Paralich.

She plays Hard Techno, but she also like to mix it with old school music from the 90’s, her sets are even trancy or have Gabber vibes. She makes a show when behind the decks, and although she likes to mix different music you surely can recognize the unique Paralich style.

Paralich has already played in Italy, France and has been invited to Moscow, South-America, Spain. You can listen to her discography on: Techno Germany, Technopsis, The Brvtalist, Industrial Violence, including the tracks produced by her. Paralich is part of agency called Erotic Sentimalism in America.