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This Is NAKT, The Techno-Inspired Fashion Line Collabing With Berlin Club Griessmuehle Cut shapes in cutting-edge clothing. From its earliest days, through to its ’90s heydey and into the present, club culture has always had an intimate connection with fashion. In recent years, this link has been formalised with a series of labels dedicating entire collections to those long nights on the dance floor. The latest addition to this burgeoning range of streamlined, cutting-edge club attire is NAKT. The brainchild of fashion designer Moritz Danner, NAKT is, in its own words, “inspired by the openness and freedom in Berlin” and wants to be the “future of fashion for your night in your club.” Featuring bodies, dresses and chokers as well...

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Fashion Street Berlin

NAKT Fashion Show 2018 at Griessmuehle Berlin Susanna Bouchain 09/09/2018 Eine Fashionshow der etwas anderen Art- statt wallende Gewänder und faszinierende Silhouetten gab es bei der „Nakt“ Fashion Show 2018 eher weniger zu sehen. Das junge Berliner Label unter Designer Moritz Danner entführte am Freitag, den 7.9.2018 in die Berliner Techno-Szene und präsentierte eine aufreizende Kollektion, die das typische „Berliner“-Gefühl beim feiern widerspiegeln sollte. Zahlreiche Pressevertreter, Fotografen, Blogger, Models und vor allem feierwütige Menschen strömten auf das Gelände der Griessmuehle um die neue Nakt-Kollektion zu sehen. Ein wahres Showlaufen spielte sich kurz vor der Show ab- Verrückter, Bunter, Schwarzer und Extravaganter! Sehen und gesehen werden und den Style der anderen immer ein Stück überbieten. Die Techno-Szene lebt vor allem von...

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RAVE by Arthur Valverde! Featuring NAKT Written and Directed by Arthur Valverde. All clothes by Berlin techno fashion label NAKT. ‘Rave’ is a short film that offers a reflection on female’s raver in Berlin’s techno community. The film follows four Berlin girls on their way to the Rave. Throughout their journey, They share thoughts about the vision of this subculture. What are we really seeking when going to a Rave? “Upon moving to Berlin, I was immediately inspired by the way people party there; picking up on how it was a deep, almost religious experience rather than the mad senseless party. I set out to capture the mystic relationship between the music and the ravers in hopes that I could...

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